Do you know where your string winder is?

The string winder is one of the most helpful tools in an acoustic guitarists arsenal not just because it makes winding your strings faster but, more importantly, it saves your bridge pins. I have heard all sorts of ways that people get the bridge pins out, pliers, knives, spoons, forks… any metal object they can wedge under them and pry up with. And while that works it can also, not only scratch your bridge, but actually break the bridge pins! A new set of bridge pins will run you $3 and that is the same as a trusty Dunlop string winder! The notch pictured below will allow you to pry out the pins without damaging anything! So, we have these fantastic tools in stock today so pop on in and treat yourself to new strings and a winder to help you put them on!


New Blackstar Unity Bass amps

Today we had a visit from our Blackstar sales rep Jim (seen in these videos playing the bass) with John (Korg USA’s Canadian Sales Manager… Jim’s boss) and Loren Molinare (one of Blackstar’s super talented demo guys seen in the video setting the amps and telling us all about them). We had a lot of fun! Here are a couple quick videos we shot of the 60 and 250 watt bass amps! We will be getting these in soon and if you want to pre-order one from our first shipment talk to us at the shop anytime!



BerryFest This Saturday!

Remember the BerryFest is downtown this Saturday! There are no lessons as parking is at a premium. If you are down for berryfest feel free to pop in and say hello! 10,000 people attended last year (approx. best guess from the ADBA), and this year will be even better. I am looking forward to the gardening demos and talk, it will be interesting for sure! And our favourite Beatles band will be playing too! Suzanne’s husband is one of the members so be sure to cheer them on!

For more info here is the official site with schedule:

Roland Go: Keys

This battery powered little beast is a party goers day dream. Perfect to make upbeat rhythms and play your own compositions over or to spice up some of your older repertoire. There are 22 rhythm styles each with 11 different variations for drums, bass, part a, b and x. Letting you make your own band that plays in perfect time for you to play along with. There are over 500 sounds to play around with too. As an added bonus you can pump your playlist through its speakers over Bluetooth and even jam along with those tracks too!! Lots of fun for everyone from beginners to professionals!!