Winter Concert!!

Our winter concert will be held on the weekend of December 7th at the Garden Park Tower on Clearbrook Road. We are excited to have so many students signed up to perform! If you have not signed up yet the signup sheets are in the hallway and won’t be finalized until November 29th so if you want to change song/time etc please do so this week.

This is one of our favourite times of year, getting to see all of the performances is a delight. But we know stage fright is a very real thing in a lot of peoples lives so here are three tips to combat it.

  1. Get a good nights sleep and eat a good breakfast/lunch before your performance. A well fed brain does much better in stressful situations. Also stay hydrated, make sure that you are in tip top mental shape.
  2. Breath deeply, if you start to feel the anxiety coming on rather than giving into it breath deeply and focus on the feeling of your lungs filling and deflating. When you get anxious your brain needs extra oxygen to be able to think rationally and clearly.
  3. Remember that it is ok to make a mistake, just keep going or if you get totally flustered stop, breath and start again!