Academy Forms

We strive for excellence in all that we teach. We are currently accepting registration for the school year!

 Our lesson fees are $70 family maximum registration (or $40 for the individual), $10 per student per instrument and $22 per per lesson type paid monthly or annually (with a 15% discount on the third and subsequent students from the same family). (Our lessons are PRORATED on a monthly basis. There are 37 lessons in our school year. Prorated is defined as: to divide, distribute, or assess proportionately. Thus it follows that our fees are prorated for an even monthly amount over the duration of lessons. Therefore if lessons are terminated your remaining balance due will be calculated with this same formula: (Lessons Had) x ($ per lesson [annual fee / 37 lessons per year]) = total lessons fee (- total paid) = Balance Outstanding.)

If you have any further questions please be in touch. Call anytime 604 859 0400