May 17, 2017

Last Friday I visited your store to look at piano music. Three staff members cheerfully helped me find music and online resources. One of you even went the extra “mile” to give me a book of old music that I might enjoy! I started playing from that book and have not even begun the newer music I purchased! The articles attached to the book were indeed interesting as well.

I hope the residents of Abbotsford know about you!

Val VanLoo
Bend, OR

November 20, 2015

I just received a thank you card and music bucks and I must say that this is no ordinary music store. This is a place where you are appreciated and takes pride in the professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy way only a family business can achieve.

I have played guitar for 50 years and I can remember even at 7 years old playing a corn broom and singing hound dog at family gatherings. I guess that’s why early love of music lasts a lifetime.

The Takamine ETN 20C that I purchased from you is great! The sound and feel rivals guitars far more expensive, and is great for recording direct in my studio. I have owned Takamines for 40 years and still have my F-400 12 string that I played in bands and my solo act so long ago. I plan to play my new Tak at coffee houses and with my musical friends.

Thanks for being a Great Store!

-Will Draper, Pitt Meadows


Everyone there is so incredible! The girls LOVE going to music lessons. They can’t wait till the following week for more lessons. The atmosphere there is so inviting, you can tell how much everyone there loves music. I have spoken to numerous parents there and they all agree it’s a great place, the style of teaching and the instructors are all great! We’re very sad to hear that Tim and Jaimie are leaving. The girls started music lesson 7 months ago and they both are already writing their own music for both of their instruments. I believe this goes to show how incredible the teachers are there! So Thank you Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Regards Michelle McEwen


I just wanted to drop you a note to say just how pleased I am with my Takamine P-5.

I have been playing guitars for over 40 years and have had every major brand you can think of. OK, maybe never a Gretsch.

Anyway, I have never been so pleased (and giddy at times) with my Tak.

Thanks for helping me make this purchase happen.

You have a customer for life.

Brian Baran


Thank you to all my friends at Sound of Music for the guidance you’ve given me over the past couple of years.

Adam took me on as an absolute beginner at guitar (and at music of any kind); his kind and patient instruction has given me confidence in my ability to master this instrument and others. Roger’s and Chris’ expertise at classical guitar are inspirational.

Dave’s cheery assistance (and constantly changing accents!) always make me look forward to dropping in to browse and buy (and buy and buy and buy). Kathryn’s, Eloise’s, and Dean’s insights and support ensure that Sound of Music is the place I consider my musical home.

I love the twice-yearly concerts partly because they give me an opportunity to expand my own skills, but mostly because I can enjoy hearing other students’ progress on their own instruments. I look forward to spending a lot more time with my music “family” over the coming years.

I highly recommend that anyone looking for a new instrument or instructor stop their search right here. The quality is unbeatable, and it’s a fun place to be.

Sandra Smith


Hi Dean,

Thank you for your recent guidance.

Thought you would be happy to hear that I managed well with setting up the microphone. It worked well, the gals were pleased with it and the residents responded so well with singing along as Belle gave them the words in advance – one line at a time. The residents can now hear both Del and Belle so clearly.

The sound is especially pleasant and bright. We really needed this addition and I thank you so much for your expertise and help in teaching me how to operate the microphone, and how to learn where all the chords belonged.

You are a very clever and helpful business man and I really appreciate all the special things you have done for me. Think I surprised Iver who was with us yesterday when we performed. He always helps me set up and pack up when he joins us on our “out of Abbotsford” performances and I had it so well organized – thanks to you.

Gerry McMillan



take a look at this video, with out your lessons I would never have had the experience to do this, thank you.

Shawna Ferguson