We offer all sorts of instrument repairs. We have an in store work bench where we can tweak up your guitar or solder that pickup back together.  In our nearly 50 years in the business we have developed a number of strong relationships with various independent repair people as well.

With simple electronic repairs we usually have the equipment back to you within a week or so (assuming we don’t need parts from far flung corners of the globe). For electronics problems we can figure out we have three different people we work with depending on what we think the issue is. They all have years of experience and are experts in their own fields.

With guitar set ups we usually have them back to you the next day, that is if you drop it off on a Monday you get it back on Tuesday morning, the only exception to this is on the weekends we can’t guarantee the 24 hours turn around so we recommend bringing in your guitar during the week instead!

For bigger guitar issues like body damage and broken necks we work with an expert in the field who has guitars sent to him from all over North America to be worked over, his results are amazing!

Violins we can do most of the work in the store but for body damage and the like we send them out to a local luthier who does beautiful detail work.

In conclusion, if it is an instrument and it isn’t working right bring it in and we will do our best to get it back to the best instrument it can be!