Our Guitar (or any other fretted instrument, like ukulele!) program is tailored to each student. The teacher will assist them learn how to play music as well as the theory behind why music goes together the way it does. If the student likes the Beatles but hates Country they will learn using the Beatles and never have to play a country lick. We keep music as fun as possible because we all learn better when we are having fun.

Our Drum program is perfect for anyone who wants to be a drummer (either kit or hand), our teachers will work with you to move from the basic motions all the way through to your goals. We utilize back tracks and/or the other students in the school to keep it interesting!

Our Vocal program is also very tailored to the student’s goals. From musical theater to country crooning to operatic arias we have teachers who can help you reach any goal.

Our Jr Program is designed for the young, uncertain beginners (4 to 7) and they will play a variety of instruments until the teacher and student determine which best suits their learning style. This is great for the kids who want to learn everything or want to learn something but change their minds every other day about what it is they want to learn. Our teachers have been well trained to recognize where their student’s natural talent lies and gently guiding them in that direction.

Our keyboard program varies according to the age of the student but the end goal is the same, we set out to create well rounded musicians who can not only play the piano but understand why music is written the way it is and have the ability to create their own music as well. Theory is well ingrained in the program we use in the academy here and we use it to create a foundation on which technical skill is built. I, having done classical conservatory training myself, like to say that here we teach you HOW to play music, rather than just TO play music. That is to say when I have a piece of music in front of me I can play it but I cannot create my own. I am technically skilled, but am missing the “soul” that comes with being a musician. This can be likened to being able to read but not able to write, the communication is rather one way and doesn’t have the same depth that well rounded musicians have.

Our theory program isn’t so much a program as an option to help you reach your goals. Weather training for your conservatory exams or just wanting to learn what makes music into music we can pair you up with a teacher who can make that happen. We like to get theory students to come in for assessments and then book in for a block of lessons that will take them all the way to their goal.

We create well rounded musicians on every instrument we teach.

We do two performances a year, because we know that performance is a critical part of becoming a well-rounded musician and we encourage our students to play together in groups whenever we have the opportunity (skill level, musical taste etc being similar in a group).

Our lesson fees are $70 family maximum registration (or $40 for the individual), $10 per student per instrument and $22 per lesson paid monthly or annually (with a 15% discount on the third and subsequent students from the same family). (Our lessons are PRORATED on a monthly basis. There are 37 lessons in our school year. Prorated is defined as: to divide, distribute, or assess proportionately. Thus it follows that our fees are prorated for an even monthly amount over the duration of lessons. Therefore if lessons are terminated your remaining balance due will be calculated with this same formula: (Lessons Had) x ($ per lesson [annual fee / 37 lessons per year]) = total lessons fee (- total paid) = Balance Outstanding.)

If you have any further questions please be in touch.