About Us

We have been located at 2631 W. Railway street in the downtown core of Abbotsford since 1998 where we have been honoured to serve our community in achieving their musical goals. We started in 1965 in Langley and have seen many changes through our years in the business. When we first started we specialized in acoustic pianos and organs, from there we morphed into being a full line music shop and academy. We are proud of what we have accomplished and the brands we have introduced to our community. We are pleased to stock our academy with the newest technology from Roland and Yamaha. We also are able to help local churches and gigging musicians with PA equipment from EV (electro-voice), Yamaha, Samson and Phonic. For the local guitarists we have a fine selection of both acoustic and electric guitars and basses from Takamine, Morgan, Larrivee, Raimundo, Yamaha, Cort, Walden, Sigma, Hagstrom, Washburn, G&L, and more. With amplification from Randall, Marshall, Kustom, Fishman, Eden, Yamaha, and more. We also pride ourselves on our selection of folk instruments and ukuleles from Washburn, Smokey Mountain, Alabama, Kala, Lanikai, and more. We also have a selection of band instruments for beginners. And, of course we have are able to service and repair all of the product we sell.