Our Team

The Sound Of Music Difference

Since 1965 Sound of Music has been a family owned and community conscious operation in the Fraser Valley. We are always a fun place to be. We succeed in maintaining this fun atmosphere by treating everyone as guests, and eventually as part of our big happy musical family.

Our passion to create a love of music making is unsurpassed and evident in our ongoing self-improvement. Because we care we are always learning; the newest technologies, new educating techniques, new product offerings and how to better service such products. This never ending education keeps us fresh and well informed; it also allows us to answer more and more of your queries. If we do not know the answer to a question we know where to find the information and are more than happy to do so, because not only will it help you, it will help us be better in the future. Self improvement is very important in this era of rapidly changing technologies. What was awesome last year could very well be out dated information this year. Because we are aware of this we maintain our standards of excellence in information by educating ourselves on a daily basis.

The complexity of making music is what makes it a continuing joy over a lifetime. Whether you are humming on a Kazoo, playing Mozart on the piano, or Hendrix on the guitar, it is a feeling of fulfillment that you are looking for. We know that the right instrument and ability to work with it will get you to that feeling of fulfillment more quickly. We know that for the musician, it is not about the price, rather the value of the tools you use on your musical journey. We offer a “no junk” selection of everything you need to make music.  Because we know music making is not about price, rather passion, and because we have decades of buying experience we have aligned ourselves with the finest suppliers from all around the world in order to get you the best tools at the best prices possible. We offer everything from an entry student level to top professional level in every product group. Because we love this business and the tools used in making music we have rare and interesting merchandise and often hear our visitors say “you always have the neatest stuff”.

Our educational facility is student driven, we use all the technology available to assist our students to find the passion that leaves them playing for life.  Our state of the art climate controlled learning center is a fun spot to spend time learning tricks, technique, and tunes. Our musical team is committed to fulfilling our desire to create that love of music making in everyone.

Because of our family atmosphere we know no one is perfect and when errors happen we work together to quickly resolve issues. Many companies believe that the customer is always right but we know that is not always the case, this is why we put such focus on educating everyone. We understand that we cannot be all things to all people and not everyone gets along in any family, so we can agree to disagree.  This concept allows us to be that fun place where issues aren’t dragged out dragging the feeling of happiness down with it.

In closing we have a large selection of products and services in a compact facility of 3000 square feet. We are successful by a Win – Win – Win – Win partnership. We are a happy musical team who want to share the passion of music making (win 1), we work with a group of with a group of suppliers who are proud to have us as part of their team (win 2), we love to help our visitors enjoy our service, selection, value, enthusiasm and knowledge (win 3), and we are lead by owners who are willing to continually give back to the community and facility making it better for us all with no worries about the all might dollar (win 4). We constantly have new visitors referred to us by our suppliers, other music stores, teachers, and most importantly by folks who have experienced our desire to help make their musical dreams come true. Thank you for taking your time to read about us.