Reduce Holiday Anxiety with Music

Playing and listening to the music you love reduces anxiety, enhances emotions, and releases dopamine, the feel-good neurochemical. Music helps you feel and think more artistically and even makes you smarter! When playing and/or listening to music, you focus on the emotional and musical aspects of the song. This helps distract you from your anxiety, and at the same time, brings your mind into the music itself. Music with a happy and enjoyable feel can enhance your joy. Music with sad and sometimes dark undertones can help you work through sorrow and pain, moving your mind into a more content or positive headspace.

Listening and playing music has the potential to enhance your state of mind and can even change your perspective on life. Songs with powerful melodies and lyrics can inspire you to enjoy the moment, help you deal with heartbreak, encourage you, motivate you, and releases dopamine. Dopamine contributes to feeling good, striving for greatness, seeing the fascination and stimulation in life’s many wonders, and even helps you focus. Although not everyone loves music to the same degree, everyone loves some form or type of music, and everyone gains some amount of dopamine enhancement from it.

Learning, practicing, and playing music requires discipline and dedication. In applying these life skills, we become more intelligent. Using the left and right part of your brain at the same time is achieved in playing music. This amount of focus and brain activity exercises the brain and increases its potential. This is the case regardless of your age. Anyone can grow in their skills of dedication and perseverance. This helps one to achieve various things in their life and motivates one to not settle for the bare minimum. The skills learned from music application also assist in one’s ability to aspire to be great. Many of these attributes come from learning that it is ok to fail.

Understanding that it is ok to make mistakes is incredibly important. In fact, it is the only way to learn. This will be fortified while learning music. As one learns to play in front of a teacher, friends, and family, their confidence grows and grows. Mistakes will be made, but they will not hinder your learning, only increase it. The anxiety and fear of making mistakes will begin to fade and, before you know it, you will not be concerned with mistakes. This trained self-confidence will build you up to take on various aspects of life and make you a more well-rounded person. It will give you a renewed excitement to take on life and help you enjoy what life brings your way. All of this because of music.

The music you love has the power to reduce anxiety, enhance emotion, and release the feel-good neurochemical, dopamine. You will also gain intelligence, confidence, creativity, and joy for the world around you while experiencing music. In fact, learning and performing music at any age will challenge you to be a greater person and help you be good to yourself and those around you.