Summer Lessons!!

We will be having 5 of our teachers continuing teaching with us over the summer!

You do not need to commit to weekly lessons over the summer, we set up our teachers schedules by day over the summer so if you want to come every other week or once a month or once a week we can get you on the schedule!

Bobby will be in on Monday’s and Tuesday’s during the day teaching voice, ukulele, guitar and bass!

Carlos will be in on Monday’s and Tuesday’s too, teaching keyboard, piano and organ!

Matt will be in on Wednesday’s if you want to work on your drumming.

Anatoli will be in almost every day, he will be delighted to help you out with guitar, ukulele, banjo, bass, mandolin, whatever fretted instrument you would like to work on!

Suzanne will be in on Monday mornings teaching violin/fiddle for most of the summer as well!

The Summer Lessons will start in July and run through the end of August.

During the summer the shop hours are Monday – Thursday from 10am to 6pm and Friday and Saturday from 10am to 5pm.