January Groups!

Starting in January Bobby will be teaching Ukulele and Guitar Groups. An adult (14+) ukulele group on Mondays at 8pm and an adult (14+) guitar group on Thursdays at 8pm  If you are brand new to the instrument  and want a jump start. If you have been teaching yourself and have gotten stuck. If you … Read moreJanuary Groups!

Summer Camps!!!

Our summer camp schedule is finally here!! The camps are sorted below by the teacher instructing them. About the camps: Minimum Enrollment to run is 4. Maximum is 8 with one camp maxed at 6. There are no reduced rates for missed days. The 15 hour camps are $99 The 10 hour camps are $75 … Read moreSummer Camps!!!

Snow!! (maybe…)

Good morning everyone!

There has been concern about the upcoming snow and if lessons/the concert will be going ahead. Yes, they will. The only time that we as an academy shut down due to snow is if the government issues a hazardous driving alert. That said, if you are not sure just call and we will let you know for sure. Some times our teachers can not get here due to where they have to come from so if that happens we will call and let you know. Lessons missed because of a teacher absence will be made up. Abbotsford City has released a map that shows which streets will be plowed in order so if you are trying to plan the best route check it out. 

The concert will go on rain, shine, snow, sleet, or zombie invasion. We all have put a lot of work into our performance pieces and it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to perform. If you do not feel secure driving in the snow (if there actually is snow which I am not going to hold my breath for) and you would like us to, we can record your performance piece at your lesson next week and still get your video up on youtube.

Now, here is my favorite snowy day song (if you have seen the movie you might know why **spoiler alert** when they get there there is no snow!!)

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CH2KGboA35c[/embedyt]


Feeling inspired?

With the beginning of the new academic year are you feeling inspired? Back in the groove and ready to take on the world? Or are you feeling overwhelmed? Like nothing is going the way you wanted it to? Did you know that playing a musical instrument is good for you emotional health? You can keep … Read moreFeeling inspired?