Guitars Have Feelings Too

Coming up to the last long weekend of the summer we know that a lot of you will be travelling out of town for one last vacation of the summer and we wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that guitars have feelings too. There are some rules you should follow when you are taking your guitar with you on a trip. Here is a handy guide for when you are going away with your guitar.

1) Your guitar is like a kitten – it should not be left in a hot or cold car. A change in temperature can cause the wood to split or the bindings to come apart.

2) Your guitar isn’t a fan of elevation – if you are taking a plane or going over the mountains it would like you to loosen the strings off. Metal doesn’t flex so the strings can pull the bridge right off your guitar as the instrument adjusts to the new altitude.

3) Your guitar doesn’t like change – especially not climate change. That is to say if you will be going into a different climate zone it really would like a humidifier in it’s case. This is to allow the wood of your guitar to gradually adjust to the new climate rather than having a sudden change which can cause the wood to split.

So, if you remember these three tips you and your guitar will have a great trip!

Guitar Close up