RockBand Group With Bobby

Wondering about what it takes to work with other people in a band? Want to be in a band but don’t have any bandmates? Let us help you! In this group we will build a band, learn how to work together musically, write and perform songs while improving your music skills and having a ton of fun! We will also learn to arrange/write chord progressions, melodies, lyrics and rhythms and weave them together into the fabric of a song. Working together we will be introduced to a variety of genres and styles, and will try our hands at writing, arranging, working together to find what sounds best and figuring out why! A great start to being a rock star!!

This year Bobby will be trying something new, he will be teaching an hour long Rock Band Group. Bobby has designed this for those with 3 or more years experience on their instrument of choice for ages 13 – 19. The group will run on Tuesdays at 8pm.

The groups will have a maximum of 6. You can join at any time. Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Drums or Keyboard, everyone gets a place in the band!

Bobby started playing guitar at age 16 in Chilliwack BC. After a few years of dedicated practice he decided to attend music school in Calgary Alberta, following graduation. After recording an Album, 3 years of studying, and two years of teaching, he decided to move back to BC for a change of pace. He was excited to start teaching with us when he came back in 2013 and has continued with that enthusiasm for the last 5 years. He teaches Guitar, Contemporary Vocals, Song Writing and Ukulele.