Time to make your 2018 music goals a reality!

Adult Ukulele and Guitar Groups

Bobby will be hosting an adult (14+) ukulele group on Mondays at 8pm and a guitar group on Thursdays at 8pm!

If you are brand new to the ukulele/guitar and want a jump start.

If you have been teaching yourself and have gotten stuck.

If you used to play and just want to brush up on all that you have forgotten.

If you are in a bigger ukulele/guitar group and want to get a jump start on everyone else.

This class is for you! Bobby will answer all of your questions and give you tips to get ahead on your journey. He will also work with you to learn songs to add to your repertoire as well as strumming and picking patterns to impress all your friends!

We know that as adults we can’t always commit to the full year of lessons so we have devised this to help you get better at the ukulele! A commitment of 4 weeks in a row ($100 for 4 lessons, $25 per lesson) is required but you can begin and end at anytime throughout the entire school year.

Register anytime for private lessons:

Piano, Keyboard, Organ, Theory, Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Percussion, Voice and Violin

Call with any questions anytime: 604-859-0400