Policies and Pricing

Annual Lesson Fee: Our lessons are PRORATED on a monthly basis. There are 35 – 38 lessons in our school year depending on which day of the week you have your lessons. The fee when you register for our lesson program is $22 per lesson divided into equal monthly payments. If you pay for the full year, there is a discount of 2%.

Monday has 35 lessons so is $77/month.

Tuesday and Wednesday have 38 so are $83.60/month.

Thursday and Friday have 37 so are $81.40/month

Saturday has 36 lessons so is $79.20/month

Registration Fee: $45.00 per calendar year up to a family maximum of $70.00

Concert Fee: There is a concert fee of $10 per student per lesson type

Prorated is defined as: “to divide, distribute, or assess proportionately.” Thus it follows that our fees are prorated for an even monthly amount over the duration of lessons. Therefore if lessons are started later in the school year or ended earlier your balance due will be calculated with this formula: (Lessons Had/Remaining) x ($ per lesson [annual fee / 37 lessons per year]) = total lessons fee (- total paid) = Balance Outstanding.

Drop In$27 per lesson (lessons can be booked with 72-24 hours’ notice, cancelations within a 24 hour window of the scheduled time require a cancelation fee of $10 be paid)

Blocked In — $25 per half hour when you block in 4 or more lessons at a time!

Policies for monthly billed lessons:

1) Fees are to be paid in advance. We accept Pre-Authorized Credit Card (which comes out at the beginning of the month), Post Dated Cheques (which may be dated for either the 1st or 15th) or the full year payment (for a discount of 2%).

2) Termination of lessons requires a 4 week written notice. There is a form for this on our website.

3) Missed lessons will not be made up unless a prior arrangement has been made with the teacher (or there is a snow day, or the teacher is absent)

4) A Leave of absence may be requested for absences that will extend longer than 3 weeks. with enough notice or in emergency situations. There is a request form for this on our website

5) Our calendar is here: https://sound-of-music.ca/hours-events/