Ken had the good fortune of being raised in a musical family where he learned to sing and play guitar at an early age. As a young boy of 5 or 6 years he was singing and harmonizing in the Jasper family group with his Dad, Mom, brothers and sisters. Dad played Hawaiian Steel guitar; Mom played accordion; the brothers played guitar; everyone sang. Ken’s first instrument was the Hawaiian steel guitar which he would play while singing for the neighbors. At the age of 10, Ken’s older brother taught him to play electric guitar which led to playing in various instrumental and vocal bands. While in high school, Ken played various brass instruments including trumpet and horns. Ken has been a Musical Director, Worship Leader and Music Educator (vocal, instrumental, drama coach) for more than thirty years working in churches and other venues in Canada and the U.S.A. He has had the privilege of singing in various countries around the world; has worked on television and radio; performed with the Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver Symphonies. For several years Ken was a joint-owner of a large state of the art recording studio and record company where he was a producer, arranger, background vocalist. Currently, in addition to his work as a financial adviser with Loney Financial Corp. he continues to be involved in solo and group singing, worship leading, and enjoys teaching vocals and guitar. He began teaching at Sound of Music in 2006.